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February 25, 2009: Frank: “Hey, Braun, I got good news and bad news. And they’re both the same: you’re fired. Costanza, you’ve won the Water Pik!”

frank-costanzaWell, this month has been a bunch of good news/bad news. About a week after I saw Dr. Cameron I got a call from City of Hope. They said that my insurance had a Pre-existing Clause attached to it, meaning that I had a hold on my insurance benefits until July 2009. I told them it was impossible, that I have had no lapse in coverage, yada yada…they said, probably just a mistake, call the insurance company, they’ll surely straighten it out. So I called, and this stroppy moo of a girl was like, “well we just can’t TAKE  the hold off. You have to prove that you were insured before.” Luckily, I remembered where I put that certificate from my last insurance company, so I faxed it from work the next day. But I was fretting—how long would it take to have them process my request? Would they say they never got the fax? Would they delay removing the clause, just to delay paying any benefits? I had seen “Sicko,” you know.

My friend Trish from the barn used to work in Human Resources at City of Long Beach, where Paul works. She flew into action, reaching out to the head of the department, telling them what was going on with me. In 24 hours, the department head had admonished the insurance company (City of LB is a HUGE account), had gotten the stroppy girl in trouble, and had miraculously straightened out the entire situation. Thank you Trish! Pays to know friends in high places…sure enough, when I called City of Hope to follow up, they said that everything was fine with my account. Phew.

The other good news/bad news that happened was my follow up with Janet Reno, post chemo. She did one final check before surgery (yes, the tumor is still apparent), got my new surgeon’s info, and scheduled me for a PET/CT scan to compare to the first one—the one that I had before I started chemo. This would be able to tell whether the cancer has spread anywhere else. I was like, OK, cool, good info to have. We talked about my surgery and whether I would be back on Herceptin post surgery. She discussed a new drug that is on the market but it really expensive, but “we’d see…” Then she said “so we’ll do about 4 months of chemo after surgery…” I just nodded, as if she told me “we’ll go grocery shopping after this.” I left the office, went downstairs to my car, called Paul, told him, and cried. I can’t do another four months of chemo. I just can’t. I mean, it’s soul destroying. It’s physically destroying! Paul just told me that we don’t know for sure, Dr. Cameron will have an opinion too, don’t get too upset yet.

So I am once again trying to sack it up, not worry, and keeping positive. It’s tougher this time around, but worrying doesn’t help. I really do feel like someone who has been sentenced to go back into jail. “I can’t do another stretch inside.”

But as the days have passed, I am not so panicked about more chemo. If I have to do it, I have to do it. I won’t be happy about it. But I’ll do what it takes. 


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