Moira’s Cancer According To Seinfeld

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June 18, 2009: Kramer: Oh, man. I think I cooked myself. Jerry: Look at your skin. Kramer: Stick a fork in me, Jerry. I’m done.

I finished radiation today. I went into the radiation oncology center and all the techs were all, “It’s your last day!” “You must be so happy,” “You’re all done!” “We hope we don’t see you back here again”. I got hugs from each one. For six weeks, Monday through Friday, I spent early mornings there under a beam of radiation. When I was on the table for the last treatment, I couldn’t help but cry. All those days, weeks, months of slash, poison and burn, finally done. Done.

I was told that I should still care for my skin the same way I’ve been doing it right now (no soap, deodorant, no scrubbing, be gentle when applying aloe vera, loose cotton tops so the skin can breathe). I talked to one of the techs to see how the healing process goes. She said that the skin will heal from the inside out, so it will get a little worse before it gets better. But I should see some improvement in 2 weeks. I might expect more skin tightening, thickening, hardening—but it doesn’t happen to everyone. Meanwhile, I’m going to try to drink lots of water and take stuff that helps connective tissue rebuild (MSM, Omega 3s). We’ll see!

It is going to be so weird not having to rush out of the house every day. I will have to see my Rad. Onc. in two weeks. So I’ll still be “in the system”. But I’ve finally been “paroled.” Finally.


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